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jue, 25 jul




4 days intensive Clown workshop, for people with previous clowning experience, in Dornbirn (Austria)

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Horario y ubicación

25 de jul de 2019, 10:00 a. m. – 28 de jul de 2019, 5:00 p. m.

Dornbirn, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria

Acerca del evento

The Clown Chaos proves, more and more, to be a fertile and profitable ground to explore.

A mess of clowns, things, clothes, music, movement. A space to deepen with freedom in the search of clown material for each participant.

Then, the choice of a few moments among many. And the experience of repeating and trying to fix, while recognizing how unique each moment is when shared with the audience, even when the actions may be the same, or almost the same.

And observation time. Observation and inspiration from the work of others, and the discovery of one's own material through the eyes of others.


The proposal of this Workshop is to continue in the investigation of the clown material that can be accessed through external stimuli (music, objects, costumes, sounds) and begin to develop an attempt of order and selection of that material.

We will also try to generate a process of observation among colleagues, to facilitate the subsequent structuring of a material so that it can be assembled and staged. To be able to put oneself on both sides of the work: 1) immersing oneself fully in a moment of improvisation, freely searching for a clown material and 2) becoming an external eye that can function as an organizer of other people' material. To create, little by little, the path between the fertility of chaos and the moment where the structure begins to be necessary to build an effective scenic material.


Comfortable clothes.

Clown nose.

Costume and clothes to share.

Objects, materials and inspirational things (once registered, participants will receive an explanatory text about the rest of the materials needed for the workshop).

Language of the Workshop: English.

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