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POVNIA - Clown

A  (this is the name of our protagonist) falls -literally- on stage. He arrives with the memories of his little world. Your latest belongings. He claims to be a survivor of the chain of catastrophes that occurred in  Povnia, a lost place that could be located between  Opa  and  UR

A  She is, suddenly, an involuntary immigrant who does not know the language and the rules of the place where she arrives. He's far from home, his friends don't show up, and he has almost nothing except problems. But it is alive. And, although it seems that calamities do not stop happening to him, without denying what he lost,  A  is always replenished. She accepts, reinvents, rebuilds, relearns, clings to what she finds, falls in love with the new, discovers in everything, in every little gesture, in every look, something that drives her forward.

Povnia  He speaks of losses and encounters, of the need for contact, of vital impulses. It goes through what died, but also what is born. And it stays there: where it starts.  

An independently produced show. With subsidy from INT and PROTEATRO


One is  Lila monti
Direction of
  Cristina Marti  and  Guillermo Angelelli
  Monti + Martí + Angelelli 
Direction assistance
  Silvia Aguado / Andrés Kyle 
Locker room ·
  Marisa geigner
Shoes ·
  Javier Moyano
Props and accessories
  Valeria alvarez placeholder image 
  Guillermo Rey  and  Agustín Flores Muñoz 
Lighting design
  Ricardo Sica
Graphic design + Map
  Andrew Kyle 
Photography ·
  Juana Ghersa
General production ·
  Lila monti

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