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Musical Training Workshop for Payas @ s.
From October 1 to 15.
Tuesday, from 6pm to 10pm.

Music is a very powerful stimulus.
Generates images, climates, dynamics. It opens up listening to us, modifies us, proposes paths and sets the body in motion. It awakens particular emotions and states. It puts us in places and takes us out of places. He teaches us about improvisation work alone and with others, silences, breaks, ensembles and solos.
Each person has their music. Your own pace. Its time to tune in and out of tune. The sound of your true voice is the most direct connection to your intimacy. By working with music and sound, we can get closer to the depth of character in our own music. The intention of this workshop is to go in search of it.

Intensive Physical Clown.
From October 22 to November 5.
Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm.

The body as a universal language, with all that it is.
  Emotions, impulses, sounds, sweat, breathing, guts like living bridges that make us travel to unknown or forgotten ports of our own.
The physical clown is a journey towards laughter and emotion, destiny is the poetics and humor of each interpreter.
We work with the absurd, we use dance tools and the neutral mask. We do prior physical training to dispose of the creative body and get away from everyday life.
Immerse ourselves and investigate, explore the bombast of the circus tent and theatrical intimacy as clown language.

It is necessary to have the body available to jump and do basic Yoga postures.


Improvisation with Bali masks
From November 12 to 26.
Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm.

During the seminar we will seek that the actress / actor who takes on a mask faces it in the same way that they would approach a new role, using it as a pedagogical tool and as a catalyst for their potentialities. To achieve this transformation of actresses and actors towards the composition of a character, of a complete soul, we will use masks that come from the Topeng, Balinese theater, and have behind them centuries of traditions, during which the types have been observed with evident precision. humans, reproducing essential values.

These masks, although they do not move, seem to breathe life. As long as the actor / actress follows certain steps, they will be alive on countless levels and senses.


Full Clown.
From December 3 to 17.
Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm.

Classical Clown Training, which will put into play, in addition to the own and specific tools of the clown technique, all the others previously received through Music, Physical work and Masks.
After a brief warm-up, the meetings will fully enter into the work of imrpovisation of clown scenes. All inspired by previous workouts.
The idea is, then, a closing of the Cycle that allows to combine and put into action all the material and knowledge acquired during the tour, to deploy it in a full clown game.

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