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the school without headquarters


The proposal  of the School without a Headquarters is that a group -as stable as possible- of people, go through a series  of trainings  scenic, coming from different methodologies and styles, in order to approach and develop technical tools that nurture and strengthen the clown / clown training of each one of them. 

This time, the 4 modules will take place on 12 Tuesdays.
4 workshops, of 3 classes of 4 hours each.
12 hours with each Teacher.

At least some previous clown experience is required.
Priority will be given to people who can enroll in the 4 modules.
The workshops will take place in Flora , in the Chacarita neighborhood.
Space is limited to 14 participants.
If all 4 modules are completed, each one is priced at $ 1500.
In the event that there is a vacancy left to do a separate module, the price of that module would be $ 1750.


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